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An open letter about Manygates Clinic

Steve Emsley has asked me to publicise this letter about Manygates Clinic in Wakefield.

You can reply in the comments below or by email to who will forward the messages.

Until the email is fixed you can direct Steve Emsley in Facebook:

Dear Kirklees Adult Autistic Spectrum Group. 

I am concerned by some of the experiences we have had with getting or trying to get Diagnosis and Support, (CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy/counselling.)

I really would like the Group to challenge the behaviour of those who refer within the health service for ASD testing/diagnosis. To do this we really need real-life experiences.

Could we all let the group steering committee and Rhiannon Oliver our Touchstone Advocacy facilitator our ASD diagnosis story?

Please can you say which health service and council area referred you, or refused to. Can you state, waiting time to testing. Results, any support offered afterwards. How did you feel about the process?

Without enough specific personal examples these people within SWYFT and Manygates, CCG etc will keep on failing to test, been rude and not provide support.

Steve Emsley 

By balaam

I am married with one wife, three grown kids, one cat and no hair.

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