There is a board games session run by psychologists of Edgehill University who are looking at the influence of playing board games on the welfare of autistic people.

Friday 21st January at 12:30pm, more details on the What’s On page.

Image by autistic artist Joshua Edley

Kirklees Autism Group

Who are we for?

We are a group of autistic adults in Kirklees

What do we do?

We meet socially together
We make representations to the local authority, the local transport authority, the local NHS, clinical commissioning groups etc.

Facebook Group:

We have a Facebook group for staying in touch, join us there.

Advocacy questions

  • If anyone has any questions or issues they’d like addressing at the Autism Partnership Board on 11th January, please put them below or use one of the email addresses, also below if you’d like to remain anonymous. They’d like submissions in advance so ASAP please 🙂 Thanks all.
    Council / Police / NHS / social services / carers count etc will be there to answer them. Thanks 🙂
  • Has anyone got ideas for workshops we could put on for newly-diagnosed people or for parents or carers of autistic people. If ypu could help with the design of the workshops or can let the outside world know about them, please let us know.

If so contact us: Details at the bottom of the page.

Bus and train times at Christmas


Can anyone who has used the Manygates Clinic in Wakefield please read this blog post:

We are new, and this website is at a very early stage of preparation. If you want to know what we do, please be patient with us. More and better content should appear over the next few weeks.