John’s story

People’s stories

Here starts a series of posts from people on the autistic spectrum who live or work in Kirklees.

The first is of someone reaching out for help, but none was available.

Hello, My name is John*.

I got a diagnosis of Autism outside the Kirklees area a few years ago. I have a dual diagnosis which includes Autism and I live with depression because of abuse I suffered in childhood.

A male figure with an outstretched arm stands in silhouette in front of a window. The picture is in black and white.

I had a few counselling sessions for this abuse but it didn’t work because the counsellor didn’t understand autism, there are no autism-based counsellors available in Kirklees. I have been referred to Learning Disability Services who say I need help from mental health services, and mental health services say I should be getting help from learning disability services, there’s nothing for people on the autism spectrum and neither service seems to understand autism.

There are no autism-based counsellors available in Kirklees.

I have been passed pillar to post regarding my free travel pass.
I have been told different things by different people in the council about it.
I have been told it was processed & on the way, but another staff member said that it’s been refused and not given.
I recently made a doctor’s appointment to get a form signed to give to transport services for a travel pass, but the locum doctor wouldn’t confirm the diagnosis because he wasn’t my appointed doctor; who is away for 2 weeks.
This process would be stressful for anyone but has been especially stressful for me as someone with Autism.​

*The name has been changed at the writer’s request. The image is not of John.

By balaam

I am married with one wife, three grown kids, one cat and no hair.

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