What we do

We are a very new group, so there is very little we are doing so far. We will expand.

The only meeting for autistic adults so far is in Huddersfield on the third Friday of each month in the Brian Jackson Centre.

Pus we are consultations with the council, Transport Executive and other bodies advocating for autistic people. There is very little in this area for autistic adults who do also not have mental health issues. We are trying to remedy that.

What we want to do

We’re planning to start another group like the Huddersfild one in Dewsbury in January at Dewsbury Business Centre. We also plan on doing trips / meals out etc in and around various places in Kirklees so we can reach as many people as possible. We haven’t got a date yet but it’ll probably be once a month. But there are things we are talking about which we would like to do. On the November meeting we brainstormed activities we could do, including trips out to the country, to theme parks or to museums like the Media Museum or Royal Armouries, as and when people like them.

Then there are autistics who work. Daytime meetings are OK for those who are not in work, so we are also looking at evening or weekend activities.

It is all up in the air, we are membership led, so look out for a “What’s On” page on this site which will come as soon as we have more than one activity to go on there.