More bad news I’m afraid, again about how badly autistic people are treated in society. Sky News has reported that a 12 year old autistic girl, Semina Halliwell, took her own life shortly after being interviewd by Merseyside Police. Semina Halliwell, who had autism, alleged she was raped by an older boy who attended the… Continue reading MEDIA WATCH


Man with physical and mental difficulties locked in a filthy attic. Autism is in the news again and it isn’t good. It rarely is. Yesterday, 18th February 2022, a couple were jailed for 6 years each for keeping their son locked in a filthy attic. Matthew Langley, 22, who has learning difficulties and suffers from… Continue reading MEDIA WATCH

Help needed

An open letter about Manygates Clinic Steve Emsley has asked me to publicise this letter about Manygates Clinic in Wakefield. You can reply in the comments below or by email to who will forward the messages. Until the email is fixed you can direct Steve Emsley in Facebook: Dear Kirklees Adult Autistic Spectrum… Continue reading Help needed

Things to do

Brainstorm — the list We are a new group, still in the process of finding out what we want to do. These things that came up at a brainstorming session at the meeting in Huddersfield on Friday 17 November that people from the group would like to happen: -Market stalls -Fundraising for trips -Trip to… Continue reading Things to do