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We are a new group, still in the process of finding out what we want to do. These things that came up at a brainstorming session at the meeting in Huddersfield on Friday 17 November that people from the group would like to happen:

  • -Market stalls
  • -Fundraising for trips
  • -Trip to Halifax
  • -Geek retreat
  • -Baking
  • -Swimming
  • -Dating
  • -Camping
  • -Museum Trips
  • -Bowling
  • -Movie nights / day
  • -Blackpool trip – see the lights
  • -Liverpool Trip
  • -Trip to Whitby
  • -Dance
  • -Music
  • -Canal Trip
  • -Shopping Trip (Arrange an autism friendly shopping experience with local businesses?)
  • -Group Football Team
  • -Bradford Media Museum
  • -Royal Armouries
  • -York railway Museum
  • -Keighley Steam Train
  • -Hiking
  • -Painting
  • -Bingo
  • -Creative Arts
  • -Water Park
  • -Theme Park
  • -Chocolate factory
  • -Meals out
  • -Events across Kirklees (Dewsbury / Batley / Marsden / Mirfield etc)
  • -Escape Castleford
  • -MP guest speakers
  • -Workshops for training public service staff on Autism awareness -delivered by members of the group
  • -Evening and weekend activities
  • -Family friendly events

Wait a minute, that is a lot of things, but it was born out of enthusiasm. Some things on the list could be done fairly quickly, some will take some time and some will take some thought such as if we are to raise funds with a market stall, what are we going to sell?

We have got the enthusiasm, we need to do something before we lose momentum.

By balaam

I am married with one wife, three grown kids, one cat and no hair.

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