More bad news I’m afraid, again about how badly autistic people are treated in society.

Sky News has reported that a 12 year old autistic girl, Semina Halliwell, took her own life shortly after being interviewd by Merseyside Police.

Semina Halliwell, who had autism, alleged she was raped by an older boy who attended the same school as her and had groomed her over Snapchat into secretly meeting him.

Her mother, Rachel Halliwell, contacted the police after Semina broke down and told her what had happened following a severe incident of self-harm.

Two family members, mother Rachel Halliwell and aunt Clare Halliwell, who were present at the interview said that Semina was made to feel like she was an inconvenience to the police and no charges have been brought against the alleged perpetrator. They say that Semina was discouraged by the police from bringing forward a criminal complaint and failed to investigate properly.

Autistic people should not be treated like this. We need a two-pronged attack to make things better for us:

  • Autism acceptance, so that people are aware of who we are and what we are like.
  • Autism empowerment, give autistic people a platform to tell others what it is like to be autistic.

The Sky News article is here.

By balaam

I am married with one wife, three grown kids, one cat and no hair.

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