A bad news story and a positive spin on autism

Media Watch

First the bad news: A story has hit the media in the last few weeks which is bad news for autistic people.

Tony Hickmott

Tony Hickmott

The BBC has been able to overturn a reporting ban on reporting that an autistic man, Tony Hickmott, has been kept in an institution without anything to stimulate him with only his basic needs of food drink met, for over 20 years.

To me, the worst thing about this is that the company responsible for Mr Hickmott’s so-called care would have the courts impose a reporting ban. I cannot think of anything outside of national security that would need such a ban. What have these people got to hide? A lot it would seem. How could they treat someone like us like that?

The BBC story can be found here.

The BBC article ends:

It said the number of people with a learning disability or autism who were in a mental health inpatient setting had reduced by 28% since March 2015.

What about the other 72% of us who are still locked up?

Christine McGuinness

Better news.

Christine McGuinness

Model, Christine McGuinness, the wife of Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness, has appeared on the TV show Strictly the Real Full Monty, a show where male and female celebrities remove their clothes in order to raise awareness of life-saving cancer checks.

In the show, Christine is shown struggling with her recent diagnosis of autism which has only recently been revealed in Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism recently shown on BBC TV.

Here is where they can still be viewed: (Warning for bad language and nudity)
Strictly the Real Full Monty — On ITV hub
Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism
Christine McGuinness also spoke about Strictly the Real Full Monty and her autism on This Morning.

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